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bobby's camp

G-land Surf Photo

To go to G-land Plengkung can be by road to Banyuwangi, or board a plane that landed at Banyuwangi Blimbingsari Airport, or using the sea route dai Bali. You can coordinate your trips, shoot to stay at the g-land surf camp owned by Bobby’s Surf Camp. Bobby’s G-land will professionally organize your trips and comforts […]
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Bobby’s Surf Camp Room

Plengkung Beach is the original name of G-Land, which comes from the name of the bay which is Grajagan Bay is located in the overdraft of East Java with the Indian Ocean in the south area Please note, the waves G-land famous to this overseas is not not every time can be found. The big waves […]
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Activities and Facilities at Plengkung Beach Banyuwangi

Plengkung Beach or famous with the name of g-land located in the southeast of East Java province is also located in Banyuwangi. Located in the Indian Ocean waters make Banyuwangi East Java tourist attractions has a fairly large and high waves. Therefore, not only domestic tourists, foreign tourists from various countries come to this place […]
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wildlife experience g-land

The Forest of Alas Purwo

You certainly know the widest jungle charm in Java named Alas Purwo National Park? The Forest of Alas Purwo is a Heterogeneous forest due to the variety of plants here. Many wild and savage animals roam the forest. You can meet a deer, a large eagle flying low above the trees, a monkey hanging over […]
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Bobby G-land

Explore Plengkung Beach

One of the beaches in Banyuwangi whose popularity is worldwide is Plengkung Beach. This is because the beach Plengkung located in Alas Purwo National Park, has a very high waves and large, so much to invite the interest of the world’s surfers to conquer it. There are some other fun activities to do, such as treeking […]
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Vacation at Plengkung Beach

Plengkung Beach is located in Alas Purwo National Park area, Banyuwangi Regency, Plengkung Beach is a mainstay beach in Banyuwangi Regency. Geographically, Plengkung Beach or G-land is located at the southeastern tip of Java Island, or is approximately 80 km from the center of Banyuwangi. Going to the beach location, upon arrival at the campground […]
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G-Land Bobby's Early Bird Promo 2018

G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp Early Bird Promo 2018

G-land Located on the southern coast of Java and facing directly to the Indian Ocean, the beach has 7 rolls of waves with a height of 6 meters. The big waves also often host international surfing events and are often called The Seven Giant Waves Wonder. With these nicknames and predicates it is no wonder […]
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G-Land : Top Place to Surf in Indonesia

Indonesia is a familiar country for many surfers around the world to find the perfect surfing spot with a wide selection of waves. You are a beginner or advanced surfers, you will find a great place to surf in Indonesia Many surfing tourists will come to Indonesia to get perfect surfing surf, white sand beaches, […]
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Tall and Consistent G-land Waves

G-Land is well known among the world’s surfers because of its large waves and challenging surfing. His own nickname is The Seven Giant Waves Wonder. Its location overlooking the Indian Ocean and its unique coastal contours make G-Land a wave character sought by many surfers: tall and consistent. The sailing process is called twenty-twenty: twenty […]
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