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Rob Machado at Bobby’s G-land

Rob Machado at bobby’s g-land in 2015, a world-class surfer who’s been to the bobby shack. Rob is a surfer and a proven character in the world of this sport. Rob has combined his surfing knowledge with his interest in surfboard design, which has culminated in his unique surfboard design that is perfect for the […]
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G-Land Surf Camp

G-Land Surf Camp video As Good as it Gets, G-Land Oct 2 & 3, 2005. Epic Launching Pad and Speedies, filmed by Hiromi Kato, produced by Jarred Hancox Featuring Masato Kato, Dr Simon Nothling, Jarred Hancox, Eddy Blackwell, Dave Thomas, Mick Burke and a few unknowns taking on some hell barrels!
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