Bobby’s Surf Camp Room


Plengkung Beach is the original name of G-Land, which comes from the name of the bay which is Grajagan Bay is located in the overdraft of East Java with the Indian Ocean in the south area

Please note, the waves G-land famous to this overseas is not not every time can be found. The big waves only appear in April to October alone (especially August) each year. At that time the beach looks clean because the rubbish around the beach is carried by the waves to other places. Outside of that month, visitors will only see the small waves and not seen surf activity there.

G-land is recognized as the best surfing spot in Southeast Asia and its waves are one of the best seven waves in the world. But unlike foreign tourists who come to Plengkung for surfing, most come from Bali using a speed boat. They stay at camps in the park, one of them is G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp, see g-land packages 2018